INFI Royale Cambridge School, Beas.Royale Cambridge we endeavor to create a learning environment


Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

It brings me immense pleasure to welcome you to Royale Cambridge School, Beas. I remember those days when we had first thought of venturing into the field of education. As this was a totally new field for us, the only way to learn was to become students once again. Thus started a learning process of finding what the education process in the country was, is and should be. How can we prepare students to succeed in the future, which is unpredictable and constantly changing? Through this journey of research, learning, unlearning and introspection, emerged an education model to which we gave the name — “Royale Cambridge”.

At Royale Cambridge we endeavor to create a learning environment which will help children to feel enabled and encouraged to become successful learners. A challenging and caring school culture ensure that students grow into responsible and courageous members of our society. Core aim of our endeavor is the attempt to give right values to our children.