Fun and Games
We at Royale Cambridge, encourage students to participate in sports activities for enjoyment, relaxation and exercise. Sports are a positive aid to educational development and are imperative for formation of a sense of self-worth in an individual. Sports also play a key role in building sportsmanship and team spirit. Every student is an ambassador of the true spirit of Royal Cambridge – on and off the field. Students get an opportunity to experiment with a variety of sports that they wish to pursue, both to excel in or as a hobby.


• Glass Squash Court
• Badminton
• Table tennis
• Pool/Billiards
• Chess & Carrom
• Yoga
• Multi-utility gymnasium
• Aerobics & Gymnastic

Outdoor •Olympic size soccer field
• Cricket pitch and practice net
• Synthetic Tennis court
• Tennis courts for kindergarten kids
• Basket ball court
• Athletics
• Golf-putting green
• Horse Riding
• Mini Basketball

Project Based Learning

Unique individuals can best develop their different active intelligences through experiential learning which fosters “learning by doing’. At Royale Cambridge, our learning pedagogy is “project” based so that students can actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper conceptual knowledge.

Special features of Royale Cambridge Programme

Knowledge acquired through the study of interdisciplinary course stimulates students to question and challenge conventional opinions and learn to form considered, authentic opinions themselves.

Through Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) programme at Royale Cambridge encourages to achieve the perfect balance between academic excellence and overall personal excellence. This is done through participation in theatrical and musical productions, sports and community service activities. This not only imbibe the requisite essentials to work together as a team, but also inspires them to engage in activities for those lesser fortunate.

In addition to regular subject choices, Royal Cambridge also offers a variety of unconventional choices as part of their main curriculum subject offerings.

Creative Activities

Every child has their own true calling. It is our responsibility to encourage children to find it by guiding them and providing them with a platform. We encourage students to explore their creativity.
Theatre, Art and Music form an integral part of our co-curricular education. Students are offered opportunities through regular assemblies, workshops and major public productions to present and perform. We also invite established artistes to present their work at the school and share their expertise with the students.
A series of well-equipped art, design, music, dance, theatre, photography and filmmaking studios provide space and scope for workshops and rehearsals. The central amphitheatre, with full stage lighting and sound facilities, is the venue for bigger productions.

Community Service

An integral part of the curriculum at Royale Cambridge is the Community Service Programme. Our students genuinely believe that getting involved in community service teaches them to be compassionate human beings. While the Primary School students are entrusted with issues such as water conservation, hygiene and care of the environment, the Middle and Secondary level students engage in tasks like teaching ancillary staff, working with community schools, imparting adult education and establishing and running Balwadis. Royale Cambridge we will take up many projects which include eye camps, blood donation camps and awareness drives on social issues. Some major projects of our school involve setting up computer labs in neighboring village schools and solar panels to generate electricity.



We make the most of the world outside by encouraging our students to go out and explore the treasures of their surroundings. We organize educational trips and expeditions to diverse places and terrains – the most prominent, being our Annual camp – wherein we our students out to explore new destinations, new possibilities

International Events and Exchanges

At Royal Cambridge we run programmes those expose students to a wide range of cultural, educational and linguistic diversities. Our students also learn to play perfect hosts in the process, for visiting students, displaying their warmth and affability.