Academic Structure

Theme Based Class Rooms
Such classrooms harness curiosity in children, motivates them to learn and is the most natural way of learning. Research informs that learning around a theme makes most sense to children. It helps them make connections, fosters comparisons, transfer knowledge and apply it. It is a scientific method of learning.

Early Years

The first few years of a child determine a lifetime. Our early years programme is designed to provide the foundation for future academic, social and emotional wellbeing of every child.We have developed a comprehensive, dynamic and contemporary curriculum that prepares our young ones to go through the journey of life..

Primary Years Programme
At Royale Cambridge our focus is to nurture skilled, confident children who are curious both within the classroom and in the world beyond.

The Primary Curriculum (Nursery to Class 5)

Physical Well-being and Motor Development

The two major goals of physical and motor development are achieving gross and fine motor control. Gross motor control includes body balance, coordination, movement and skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping and catching a ball. Fine motor skills involve using and coordinating the small muscles with dexterity. Eye-hand coordination helps in activities involving manipulation of small material and writing tools such as holding crayons, paint brushes. Music and Movement activities help in developing spatial sense.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Development of life and self-help skills, habit formation, cooperation, social relationships, group interaction, pro-social behaviour, expression of feelings and acceptance of others’ feelings are some of the skills and values that are addressed in the early years are the most significant for human growth, development and learning.

Teaching of Science:

At Royale Cambridge, we follow a hands-on enquiry based approach for teaching Science. In science teaching our approach is learning by doing. Our focus is giving our students the required skills and not on content delivery. The main objective is to develop curiosity, interest and enjoyment towards science.

Teaching of Mathematics:

Our team at Royal Cambridge follows Modern methodology and approach to teaching Mathematics. The main aim is to remove the fear of Mathematics by changing the way we teach in class. We believe that there is a need to get away from thinking of mathematics just as a collection of rules for addition, subtraction and other operations or an array of formula and start seeing it as a way of thinking, modelling and reasoning about the reality.

Language Development

Language development is crucial in pre-primary and primary years since it provides the foundation for later learning. It includes listening and comprehension, oral skills, vocabulary development, pre-literacy skills such as phonological awareness, print awareness, letter-sound correspondence, building words and sentences.

Cognitive Development:

It refers to the processes of knowing and understanding the environment around us. Cognitive Development includes pre-number and number concepts as well as knowledge and skills related to comparison, classification, critical thinking, observing and problem solving.

Appreciation of Creativity:

We attempt to create an environment where learner gets an opportunity to explore different art forms, develop natural taste and interest for it and start appreciating for artistic, dance/drama and musical activities.

Middle Years Programme (Classes 6 to 7)

Our Middle school Programme is build on the structured, student-centred foundation laid in the Primary School. It encourages students to develop pragmatic approach towards their lives and practical connections between their studies and the real World. All the subjects have strong inter-disciplinary elements.

The middle school years are a time of significant intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Students are helped with their accelerated academic challenges and get support in acquiring life skills. They are assisted with study skills and gain confidence in writing examinations. Pastoral care is a priority for the school, and we ensure that there is regular contact between students and teachers.

The academic subject areas extend to include History, Social and Political Life, Geography and a third language. The programme is supported by individual and group activities outside the regular curriculum, as well as guest speakers, community projects and intensive intra- and inter-school activities.

Senior School

The School is currently upto grade 7 with higher grades being added next year.